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M-Suites Reno & Rental Plan - 220308

Dear M-Suites owner,

It's our pleasure to connect with you via QR code.

If you own a unit and are uncertain what to do with it, don't want to maintain it vacant, and want to stop worrying about rental revenue. We have a plan for you.

M-suites is one of the potential projects we identified. We intend to take 70 units, with developer VST having already taken 10%.

We do understand that property owners want to be free of the worries and responsibilities that come with owning a home.

As a result, our offer to the owner includes a guaranteed rental income of RM1,120 plus a 70:30 profit sharing arrangement. 

In addition, we will put down a one-month deposit on your property and provide extended insurance to cover unpaid rent for up to two months. Liberty Insurance is the company that underwrites the policy.

In conclusion, It is a plan in which everyone has the security of a minimum rental guarantee, as well as a plan to pursue the limitless upside of rental possibilities as a cohesive force.

Individual owners must meet the minimal standards of their property in order to pursue the rental. Consistency in product quality can only lead to greater strength.

Therefore, we have three renovation plans available:

1. Last mile furnishing, it is RM3,999.
We'll concentrate on the last 10% of the furniture, such as touch-ups, painting, decorating, kitchen items, and improving the overall experience. [product link]

2.Partial furnish package, it is RM20,900. 
Owner take care of the electric appliances such as two air conditioners, fridge, TV, and washing machine, and we will take care of the rest. [product link]

3. Full furnishing package, it is RM29,399.
It is package for those owner who want peace of mind and just want to sit back and relax, active rental. Everything is taken care of by us. [product link]

Being part of the journey, you will not need to be concerned about paying a property agent a 3 to 4 times commission to obtain a new tenant if the tenant runs away in the middle of the lease.

The commission paid to the property agent will be covered by us. There's no need to be concerned about the cost of vacancy.

Feel free to contact to contract us for more information.

Your Sincerely,
Marcus Yeoh


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