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Property Vacancy Is The Greatest Uncertainty

Whereas NowHere Rental Solution Is the Greatest Assurance.

Get guaranteed rental in 30 days
  • Owner's Cost

  • Renovation Cost

    RM 3,999
  • Owner's Return

  • Security Deposit

    1 Month


  • Monthly Assurance

    To be quoted

    (Depends on location)


  • Group Profit Sharing


    70 Owners : 30 NowHere


  • Contract

    2+2 years


  • Owner's Freedom

  • Termination

    2 Month Notice


  • Owner's Security

  • Insurance

    2 Months

    Unpaid Rental Insurance

Modern Interior Design Style

Good interior style is categorised by three main focuses: easy living, functionality and a penchant for all things natural. Woods, green & gold colour are the most important element of interiors, used in conjunction with whitewashed walls and breezy furniture arrangements.

Long-Lasting Quality

Beautiful interior design is the soul of a good product. A good product will attract a good quality guest, and a good quality guest will have a tendency to upkeep the complete pieces of beautiful interior and the property itself. End up, a lesser maintenance cost needed in long run.

Certainty Of Rental Income

There's no need to be concerned about paying a 3 to 4 times commission to property agent if tenant runway. The commission paid to the property agent will be covered by us. There's no need to be concerned about the cost of vacancy.

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